40% Off MEAL PLANS & E-COOKBOOKS in the $5 Dinners Store – Today & Tomorrow ONLY!

November 27, 2015 Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom


Yes, you read that right. 40% off everything in the $5 Dinners store.

All meal plans.

All e-cookbooks.

All 40% off.

In an extremely rare sale in the $5 Dinners store, I’ve decided to offer 40% off all products for TWO DAYS ONLY.

Small Business Saturday & the following day…everything is 40% off in the store.

You might be wondering…why in the world would I buy a meal plan during this crazy holiday time? A meal plan as a holiday gift? That seems like an odd gift?

YES. Yes, yes, yes. I’m totally not crazy. Start asking your friends and/or family about their meal planning struggles and you’ll find that many of them need help. They need a practical resource to help them get organized, get meals made, and save money at the same time.

It might not be a shiny piece of jewelry or new trendy sweater, but a meal plan is a very practical, very helpful gift…and one that keeps on giving back as they help reduce mealtime stress,

Here’s a sampling of what we have available:

Get everything you need added to the cart, then use the coupon code SANTA40 to get 40% off at checkout!

I highly recommend stocking up on all the plans you’ll need, as there won’t be another sale like this for a long time…or forever! Below are the most popular products in the $5 Dinners store…get them added to your cart, check out the other options and get it all at once!


Coupon Code $5 Dinners Store

{Click the Banner to Visit the Store!}

P.S. This is the last special offer on meal plans this year! So I wouldn’t wait…now is the time to grab them!


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