9 Hikes You Should Definitely Take This Winter

November 23, 2015 Sarah Lipoff

Cooler temps make for stunning hikes on mountains dusted with snow or in lush forests. It's a lovely time of year for hitting the trails and discovering spots you might not be familiar with. Along with checking out local hikes in your own backyard, there are several that are worth traveling for. Get out your Danner boots, which are designed for long hikes yet also look fashionable; pack your backpack with a thermos of hot chocolate; and hit the trails.

  1. White Clay Creek State Park and Preserve, Pennsylvania (8 miles, low intensity): Just an hour outside Philadelphia, this trail runs along the creek and is so pretty. There's a loop extension with mile markers along the way so hikers can decide how far they'd like to go. You'll get forest views along with classic rural meadows and farmland.
  2. Chambers/Bretag/Palmer Trail, Garden of the Gods, Colorado (3 miles, low intensity): This low-grade hike takes you around the park and showcases the stunning terrain of the amazing red rock formations. You can also push your limits and venture into the park and explore the 15 miles of trails that fit with any hiker's comfort level.
  3. Robert Frost Trail, Mount Holyoke Range, Massachusetts (5.1 miles, low intensity): You'll get amazing views, woods, and caves when you take the final section of the trail. Keep it easy or change the difficulty by venturing off on intersecting trails. This is more of a relaxing hike, covering fields and woods without much of an incline.
  4. Uvas Canyon Country Park, California (1 mile, mild intensity): The trail is a stunning exploration of the hills south of San Jose, CA, and it's even more stunning after rainfall. The waterfall loop is what you want to check out - don't forget your camera!

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  1. The Pool Loop, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (2.5 miles, low intensity): Lighter snowfall on the east side of the park makes for stunning hiking with more accessible trails that are easy to navigate. It's a good idea to check in with park rangers before taking any Winter hike in the Rockies for conditions and let someone know you're in the park. The Pool has only a 200-foot change of elevation, and it takes you to a small lake surrounded by frozen waterfalls.
  2. Mirror Lake Trail, Yosemite National Park, California (5 miles, mild intensity): You can take this easy loop around the lake in Winter and check out the stunning views while meandering alongside Tenaya Creek. The reflection of the snow-topped mountains on the lake is beyond beautiful. Just make sure to check snow levels at the park before heading out.
  3. Grapevine Hills Trail, Big Bend National Park, Texas (2.2 miles, mild intensity): This park gets hot in the Summer and Spring, making Winter the best time of year for exploring. Take the trail through the boulders until you hit a collection of balanced rocks that are absolutely stunning. The final stretch has a slight incline, but it's worth the final push.
  4. Angel's Rest Trail, Oregon (4.8 miles, mild intensity): This exposed bluff is a summit that's surrounded by cliffs that also boasts a stunning view overlooking the river below. There's a bit of an elevation with this hike, but the view makes it worth it. Pack a picnic lunch and sit and take in the view before looping back down to the trailhead.
  5. Kazimiroff Nature Trail, New York (2 miles, low intensity): Yes, you can even get your hike on in NYC. The loop takes you through a section of Pelham Bay Park known as Hunter Island. You'll see meadows, a forest, and a view of the Long Island Sound. The rocky coastline takes you far away from the bustle of the city - without even really leaving.

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