100 Calorie Mid-Morning Snacks: Mini Blueberry Muffins

November 11, 2015 Rachel Johnson

I am not a morning person. I like sleeping in and slow mornings that always include coffee. While I’m hating the fact that the sun is barely up, a filling breakfast isn’t my first priority. And hey, some folks just can’t eat that early. That’s okay! The important thing is that you eat something when you can.

A muffin or scone or a quick Greek yogurt cup is great for on the go, but when lunch seems a year away, packing a few extra snacks for the mid-morning is a great idea. Putting a calorie cap on keeping yourself tied over until lunch with snacks is key, and over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite mid-morning snacks under 100 calories.

Mini-muffin1 mini blueberry muffin, 80 calories

*1 mini blueberry muffin, Trader Joe’s (160 calories per 2 muffin, 1 muffin = 80 calories)

More 100-Calorie Mid-Morning Breakfast Ideas:

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